The City | Interactive Learning Playground @ Liang Court

The City brings Singapore exciting, first-of-its-kind playtime experiences for children – both fun and educational at the same time! Designed for two to eight year-olds, The City is an interactive learning playground that recognizes the importance of high-quality role play. Meaningful stimulus is provided for fostering children’s emerging senses and skills in their early formative years.

Within The City, young children can try out different adult roles and professions in a fun, safe environment. Creativity and imagination are promoted to positively enhance growth and development. Children can transform themselves into Cooks, Cashiers, Doctors, Nurses or Policemen, dressed in the respective uniforms and outfits. They can drive on mini streets, navigate traffic signs and lights, and explore small-scale real-life locations; such as the supermarket, café, beauty salon, medical clinic and much more! We create locations for realistic situations where children learn and have fun.

While learning through play, children can:

  • Practice mathematics through budgeting with play money,
  • Explore language and phonics by learning new words, definitions, and conversations,
  • Learn about the human body, nutrition, health, safety, and hygiene,
  • Increase awareness of recycling methods, geography, and travel,
  • And all of this while exploring the world around them!

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We understand that young children love to dive into the world of fantasy from time to time. At The City, we provide little girls and boys with opportunities to be a princess in a beauty ball, a fairy with magical powers, or a superhero who saves the world.

More educators and families are choosing to enjoy time together with learning activities that will prepare their children for real life. Parents and teachers are looking for resources in addition to school. We can help you teach your children about life skills generally not taught in the course of daily studies.

About the concept

Why Role Play? Play is fundamental to the growth and development of children. Scientific research shows that role play engages many parts of the brain – facilitating sensory-motor integration along with cognitive, emotional, and language development of a young child. When immersed in an environment designed to stimulate imagination and curiosity, a child learns through the best way possible: Meaningful Fun!

So many socially interactive activities in The City!

Children will be able to apply different strategies and approaches such as planning, working together, negotiation, problem-solving, learning literacy, math, and other academic-related skills.

Power of role play

Physical: Enhances development of strength, coordination, and sensory-motor integration

Cognitive: Offers stimulating experiences and activities that require problem-solving skills and boost neural connections in a child’s brain

Social and emotional: Encourages independence and fosters self-esteem, builds social and linguistic competencies, and develops empathy through “walking in someone else’s shoes”

How does this power reach into children’s lives?

We have created a high-quality imaginary play environment that provides meaningful and enriching learning experiences. The City is the ideal venue where children can learn about the world they live in, build their confidence, and acquire new skills – setting the right foundation for their success through school and into adulthood.

How The City educates your child:

Imagination Stations at The City allow a child’s creativity to run wild! Organized or free play, each child learns at his or her own pace. We also offer daily learning development activities on various subjects of interest to children, along with monthly playtime-educational themes.

A message for School Administrators

The City is designed to supplement your classroom by bringing the world around our children to life. Here at The City, you are encouraged to provide the children in your care with exploration having no boundaries. The City is designed to help them learn more about the very things you teach them in your classroom.

We have also created a unique guided activity for schools, birthday parties and group: Working in The City is a thematic activity tailor-made to fit the skills of each age group. Please contact us for more details!